Attic Access

Has anyone seen this type access panel before? 2000’ town house built 2007

Yes, I go in all the time

You have a key or a screw driver?

I have used a screw driver.

John, You should call the fire dept for entry maybe they will bring their own camera. Do what you got to do:mrgreen:

Two of my inspectors work for the Fire department.

AHH HAA Thats how you got the key :wink:

got cha

Listen to Wayne… " Do what you got to do "
Hmmmm, wonder where he picked that up at ??

I wonder

I ran into similar ones doing inspections on condos but they did not have that sticker. I found the manufacturer’s name on one of them and gave them a call, don’t ask cause I don’t remember their name. They sent me a couple of keys for the panels. No problem getting in since.

Why do you guys want to enter ceiling spaces in the common areas of these condos and THs?

I imagine because it is so damn fun :slight_smile:

I want to see whats in there
besides it’s in the unit , and some times we need to do wind mits