Attic inspection purlin brace question

In this attic I found that there is Purlin bracing but the brace in question runs directly over the attic access and has been cut to allow head clearance. Is this a defect?



Also is there a proper name or this (i am assuming) thermal barrier?

It’s a modification to the original roof structure design, so yes it should be noted as a defect. It is easily repaired without encroaching into the hatch area. 2nd photo is called a Radiant Barrier.

Brad, Thank you very much. That is what I was hoping to here.

Requires an engineer to design the repair

2010 Florida Building Code, Existing Building: 506.1 General.

Structural repairs shall be in compliance with this section and Section 501.2. Regardless of the extent of structural or nonstructural damage, dangerous conditions shall be eliminated. Regardless of the scope of repair, new structural members and connections used for repair or rehabilitation shall comply with the detailing provisions of the Florida Building Code, Building for new buildings of similar structure, purpose and location.

2010 Florida Building code, Building: 2303.4.5 Alterations to trusses.

Truss members and components shall not be cut, notched, drilled, spliced or otherwise altered in any way without written concurrence and approval of a registered design professional. Alterations resulting in the addition of loads to any member (e.g., HVAC equipment, piping, additional roofing or insulation, etc.) shall not be permitted without verification that the truss is capable of supporting such additional loading.

Any sign of roof sagging?