Attic Rafter Crack

I noticed this crack in an attic rafter. It appears to be some sort of deterioration in the crack itself. It does not run the full length and it is right along the corner edge. This is the only rafter in the attic with this issue. Have you ever seen anything like this before. Is this a cause for concern? Thanks.

I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it or even put it in the report unless the rafter was completely broke or cracked with noticeable deflection compared to the adjacent rafters.

Looks like the wane edge of the lumber (bark). Not a defect if that’s what it is.

Does this happen when the builder leaves the trusses outside in the weather while building the home or just a common thing with the wood? I done some framing before when I went to carpentry school and can’t remember what caused this.

It comes from the mill like that. They just never trimmed it off. I see it all the time on #2 or #3 lumber.

Thank you sir :smiley:


No defect visible in the photo. Looks OK to me.

They try to make the lumber as uniform as possible but allow a certain amount of that.
In the old home I see here in Bmore with 100 year old lumber you can see some interesting defects.
A lot of it is way stronger and thicker than the lumber you see now, but there are occasional joists with a giant knot that has a split radiating from it, or other defects.

I agree. Just the mill getting as many boards as possible from the tree. No defect.