Attic Roof Supports

Attached is a pic of a rafter support in the attic that has become dislodged. I typically see this in new construction. I was just curious if you call these out.

No, just a remnant of joist spreaders during truss erection.
But I might mention venting in the soffits that could damage the fascia and surroundings from moisture. :slight_smile:

As a carpenter by trade "Great call Marcel " on the truss spreader …About the bath vent in the soffit ,unfortunately a common occurrence here in Florida especially in older homes, some builders are starting to actually vent to the exterior by way of soffit or through roof in the past several years.

It is a loose interpretation of the code.
The vents should go through the roof. When they exit at the soffits, when the fan isn’t on, the air from the outside comes into the bathroom…along with unwanted odors…ask how I know! :wink:

Merry Christmas Eric-------Bath vent terminations should have a damper like this soffit vent: