Attic shot strange heat??? take a guess

Figure this one out very strange heat source on the electrical wires

Two more neat shots from the side of the road traveling back from this mornings inspection.

Oil Refinery / FCCU Reactor

It’s hottest where the wires touch each other.

Stress points from excessive bending.
Was this aluminum?

You got it Bro

Have to travel right through the middle of the refinery I use to work in when going west and I was just curious if I could pick up the vapor trail off of the reactor. I was about 200+ feet from the unit had to do it quick to keep security off my butt.

No Aluminum if you look close there is only one run of romax the other twisted looking wire is just an old coat hanger or some such thing no electrical wire. The clue is on the wood Sheathing;) :wink: The pic was taken looking up at the roof deck from within the attic.

Two more clues moisture intrusion on the ceiling below the area of the first two pics this moisture was only visible with the IR Camera. And yes it was moisture did not have to use the moisture meter after what I found in the attic. The hot appearing electrical wires in the IR shot has nothing to do with over current or electrical heat of any nature,

Are the wires supporting a dryer or heat duct/flue?

Very Close I will show you: The furnace flue vent had seperated in the attic due to improper strapping and was blowing across these wires. The roof sheathing was like a rain forest and had been that way for some time. Attic was full of CO Made me dizzy before I could get out and shut the furnace off. The realtor had stated that an elderly single women had passed away in this home Makes me wonder if it was old age or CO. Hot air rises and the attic was ventilated doubt really that CO was the reason of her passing but one just never knows.

A few days before a Xmas in the late 1980’s (Saint John, New Brunswick), there was a case of an elder lady dying from CO due to a separated flue from her oil furnace in the basement. Her sense of smell was quite poor. She had remarked to a neighbour that her dog was whimpering/whining a bit in the last few days. During a very cold night when her furnace would operate much longer she died from CO poisoning!

Great we all learned . The IR is a tool to help us make a decision.
Love NACHI for things like this . Thanks a heap.


Nicely done Charley!:smiley:
Proves all isn’t as it appears in infrared! We see a lot through our technology but accurately describing what is occurring is difficult.