Attic structure defect

I recently inspected a mobile home, which had to be gutted due to moisture, mold and animal nests. The trusses were clearly non engineered and sagging on the interior. One wall, (the west wall) was constructed of 2x3, no OSB or sheathing, just sheet metal.

On the exterior, the exterior wall appeared to be bowing, as well the soffit was bowed. It was so bad, two separate gutters had to be installed along the West wall.

See photos. Buyers did not have a home inspection. Paid full asking price. All hell broke loose when they attempted to move in and renovate.

It is common to see older mobile homes made of 2x3’s with just sheet metal. All newer homes are made of 2x4’s or 2x6’s with sheathing.

Not where we live. Climate here in winter is -45 to -50…CELCIUS!!!

The unit next door looks like 25-35 years old; probably the same age of the one in the pictures…they definitely weren’t built like today’s back then.

Now that is cold Kerri!

Many call it winterpeg . -50° c = -58° F

I call it moving somewhere else :wink:

I work oil and the average was minus -40 c. I worked - 60 c outside for 16 and 18 hour stretches. I became a line driver and helped the men move lines. 2 seasons.
I would stop of in Winnipeg on the way home by train. Lovely city back in the early eighties. Windy place. The bars close at 7 till 8 to send the workers home. Law passed when the town boomed in the sixties.