Attic structure..on older house ..questions

The house was built in 1919 in Glendale Calif.
The roof is supported on the sides and open in
the middle…the pics show one side and the middle.
The shingles look to have been recently installed.
It appears serviceable to my eyes:

Anybody see any concerns?

Common framing practices for homes of this age.

You need to get out of Riverside more often David, you’ve been inspecting too many newer homes :smiley: You will find these older homes throughout the Los Angeles area.

Thanks Jeff…I really dont like to leave the Inland empire but with the
way the economy is…I have to venture out here and there.

Hips that where shingled are a bit negligent.
The picture of the hips the shingle look lifted and not seated properly.
Also on the angle change they are again lifted and not flush.
This is not a Hugh concern Mr.Nasser.

The hips are laid badly form the photos I see.
Suspect: hip shingles.Turbine vent placement and angle.
Suspect: inadaquite venting.
Recomend: certified roof elavuate hip shingles and venting of the attic.
Hip shingles are to be laid flat to seal tightly. This stops wind lift and blown off shingles. Also stops weather infultration at the roof plain juntions.
Posable concern: Blown off hip shingles and eventual water infultration.
Posabilaty of damage.Low
Recomend the the Turbine vent be placed and angled properly.
Venting is an emporant part of the attics health.

Concern I have is with the knob & tube. Was it still in use?

Suspect Knob and tub.
Recomend certified electrican.
I see K&T also. All have been rewired. There are post on the message board.
I can not tell you David, I am in Canada. Montreal Quebec. I would call it suspect. If I see K&T I recomend. Others will be able to help you.