Attic Tarring

I am looking for some information (time periods, rationale) for attic spaces with tarred rafters and sheathing.
Thanks in advance

Never heard of it, or how it would really benefit normal construction practices. It would seem that anything such as that scenario is meant to either disguise the surfaces or try to keep water/moisture out.

BTW- Indicate where you are located, will help in defining other responses.

Among other things I think this would make for a very smelly house! Can you imagine the stench after a few hot days? I agree with Claude attics have been built the same way for many years tarring the sheathing and support system would be conceived as an attempt to cover something… like a previous fire. I think it would cause more of an issue with condensation during the freeze/thaw cycle. JMO

Are you sure the rafters are tarred and not burned? Attic fire for example?