Attic Ventilation

Or lack thereof… :twisted:





That’s about right considering it was 93 in Phoenix today. ;):slight_smile:

Wow, how long were you able to stay up there?

People need to start investing in Cool Roofs:)

It won’t get down to 93 until about 5 AM :smiley:

Only head and shoulders in and only a few minutes… Condo Inspection, not much to really see.

By the roof framing I can tell you been in Maryvale again—:stuck_out_tongue:

Or Mesa----:shock: :twisted:

Comments like that make me think you are a CMI…:cool:

16 st and bethany home, close… Phoenix my friend…

2 Tomorrow not looking forward to the 2 PM one. :twisted:

What’s the white stuff on the sheathing?

Vomit, from the insulation contractor, we see it frequetly here…heat, booze, insulation, don’t mix----:smiley:

Paint splatter, areas of the sheathing were newer.

Well please explain how paint splatter finds its way on the underside of the roof sheathing.
Things sure must be different down your way my friend. :slight_smile:

As a Long Time Professional Inspector explaining why is non productive.

You have to ask a CMI to make something up to explain why…:cool:

As a long time Professional Builder and Short Time Inspector, explaining to a client the reason for things is a Professional Service Rendered for Payment.

That is why I am a CMI.

Ok then make something up as to why it is there then. Is that in the CMI Creedo or Bylaws somewhere??

How the Frick do I know how it got there? What is the upside to GUESSING?

Professional Builders have been helping people put money in my pockets for many many years. :smiley:

I love Professional Builders…

I believe I asked the question. How did you report it then?

Professional Builder not I think.

Not familiar with your area, so anything coming up as to how it happened would be a guess, and I do not guess. I find the facts. :slight_smile:

I had one last week where 1 4x8 sheet of ply in the attic was painted blue green on a 2007 build.

Any CMI’s want to guess why? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, why. I am not afraid to call myself a CMI. I am. Dosen’t mean we are God best in Inspectors.


I am still guessing why. :mrgreen:

Blown in cellulose insulation shot at the sheathing might stick to it for a long time.
Oh geese, wrong guess. :wink:

I know you are Marcel, I guess as well, I just don’t write my guesses down anymore. :smiley:

Could have been on the ground and caught some overspray, could be anything.

That would drive me nuts. :slight_smile: