Attic Ventilation

Being Nuts already really cuts down on the Drive time… Trust me…:smiley:

That is just the temperature getting to you. :mrgreen:

But it was on the trusses also; a previous fire perhaps (due to the extreme heat ;-))…

Come on guys.

Look at pic 1

Look at pic 2

It’s cellulose

Its Vomit, I’m a Licensed Professional Inspector as well BK…:roll:

I know my (projectile) Attic Vomit when I see it…those Spaniards drink some type of a milky substance with their breakfasts, and it ain’t milk, I never did ask one what is it…but that is certainly Vomit…:stuck_out_tongue:

After answering this simple question, I feel like I’m a CMI going (incognito).

What the hell is wrong with you, get back in the shipping department Mike…!!----:stuck_out_tongue:

Another computer going back in for projectile cleaning… thanks.

All right I am going to bite. He said he was standing in the attic hatch taking the pictures. The overspray woul likely be to the hatch not being installed when they sprayed the ceilings.

That was my second guess but it looks fuzzy when you blow up the pic.

Depends if it is texture or paint. Could be both.

The white stuff is over spray and the hatch was open when doing it to produce a negative pressure in the area they were stucco spraying or painting. Of course this is just a guess.

Do they spray stucco inside up your way? :shock:

Now that I am back in the office YES!

They do?

Please show me what they do with it.

Only thing I sprayed in the past was Pop Corn Ceilings and plenty of it. :slight_smile:

Stucco spray with a hopper. IE Popcorn ceilings.
I did this over 25 years ago plus level coat in high rise buildings.
There are still Dry Waller’s and painters that do it here.
The art of doing it with asbestos is long gone though.

I have never heard of popcorn textured ceiling referred to as stucco.

Anyone else?

Here you go

Kevin, E-How is the worst place to look for help on something.

If you had done mucho stucco sprayed ceilings with this,

You would know that it was not stucco.

I did ceilings like that in the early 70’s and bought the product from Edmonston, Canada, and it was not stucco. :slight_smile:

I still have my “stucco” gun Marcel.:smiley:

Sorry I will not debate your Knowledge Marcel!
What did you call it that you sprayed on the ceiling?
Did you do level coat too?