Attic Ventilation

I have a quick question, did an insurance underwriting inspection for a client down here is southwest Florida. It was about 87 degrees outside went up to the attic to check the roof decking insured had the attic propped open a little. I asked the insured and he stated that it was very hot inside there in the summer. Went into the attic and felt like to be 120 to 130 degrees in there. The soffits weren’t blocked by insulation, however there was a ridge vent but it seems like it was blocked.

is this cause from poor ventilation as I learned for the NACHI Class on ventilation. I’ve also learned from another home inspector that they stated that the attics should be no more than 10 to 20 degrees hotter than the air outside.

Is this true, just looking for some input.


No offense to your inspector friend, but radiant heat from the sun beating down on the roof can make the attic way more than 20 degrees F different.

One question though, how were you measuring the air temperature? IR thermometer gun? If so, you weren’t checking the air temperature. You were finding out how hot the roof deck was from under the shingle/tile. You see IR thermometer guns can’t read air temperature. It has to be a solid surface like the roof deck.

Good luck.

thanks it was more of an estimation guess on my part as we do not use infrared technology for underwriting insurance inspections. The attic felt like it was about 120 to 130 degrees. I guess this is probably normal in Florida as it does get hot during the day I just wanted to know if that was a sign of a ventilation problem.

so my question is what would be the sign of a ventilation problem in an attic.

We aren’t talking IR Camera. We are talking cheap thermometer IR gun.

At any rate, dealing in facts.
If the roof was asphalt shingles, were they curling?

Ask a roofer in Florida.

Roof shingles weren’t curling roof was replaced in 2009. and sorry I did mean infrared thermometer not camera. I’m going to do some more research on roof ventilation.

Still to hot. There are solutions.
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