I have 8 hats that I have made using CMI hats that Nick donated (Thanks Nick).
They will protect your head from nails and minor head bumps while in an attic or similar.
They are CMI hats so I can only send them to CMI’s.
All I need is a pledge of $25 or a return after you try them for a while ( A few inspections).
If they work well I will also start to make them with INACHI hats (With Nick’s help) and blanks.
These do not have vents in the side ( A little hot) but the final version will.

I have been using one for a while and it works.


good idea, I just bought a bump cap insert and use that (yes, in my CMI hat)

Great idea guys. Especially for those of us that don’t have a “hair cushion” any more. :mrgreen:

Yes love that Idea for sure.

I’ve been making them out of the bottom of gallon milk jugs.

These are pretty effective as well, and they’re very inexpensive! :|.)


I’ll buy every one that doesn’t sell.

Come on you know that hat is only for high EMF attics, that can be seen from the mother ship.


I would like to send you one of these hats and get your feedback on the positives and negatives and if you still like the bump hat insert better after comparing the two. Please send me your address


Marvin M

I need a “bump shirt” as I seem to have more holes in the backside of my clothes after many narrow attics.


Marvin, address sent, I’ll send you feedback…

bump shirt, fine, may as well have superhero shaped muscles in there too…

Thanks Mike;
Will ship tomorrow.

I tried the hat, I was sent a prototype:

This CMI hat had a shell inside that would protect my head from bumps, pokes, and scrapes in an attic or crawlspace. The hat still looked like a regular baseball style hat with a shell to protect the top of my head. It remained very adjustable, not too stiff. The material used was firm, but light weight too. I’m told a future version may also have vents built in so the hat wont get too hot. Overall its worth consideration for those of us who bump their heads in tight quarters. I like the hat.

Understand its not a helmet or hard hat. It is basically a bump hat, it’ll stop bumps, nails, scrapes etc…

Thanks for trying the hat Mike.

If anyone else would like to test the hat please send me your address.

Marvin M