ATTN Nick CMI Designation??

I received this in my inbox today … just an FYI


If you need help using the InterNACHI website, or for any other questions, email instead.](“”)

Hmm…$85 and you’re a CMI. Looks like a good deal.

At that price, where do I sign up. I can be a double CMI then. I think that is better then everyone else, even a certified expert inspector!!

Wow double CMI, I double dog dare you to get it:)

Tried it Roy came back to me as undeliverable.

This is it…

It’s time to transcend the CMI vs. Double CMI vs. Expert Inspector brouhaha.

I have been awarded a new Certification unlike any other!

His Highness The Most Excellent Inspector of The Universe

I think that settles that! :smiley:

Can’t argue that :smiley:

Thanks Roy

Sorry about that
Thanks Scott I will tell Nachi to fix their post on the net **it is now **FIXED

It doesn’t count unless you have a cool logo for the designation.

The link you posted is for some Independent Mold Cert course of 85 If you pay 85 for this course…
and use it to promote you are a Certified Master Inspector
you are committing Consumer Fraud within your State / Province…
Pennsylvania (for example) carries a heavy fine ( $50,000 - $250,000 ) plus imprisonment if found guilty of misrepresentation…

Obtaining the actual CMI designation and the ability to market it … PRICELESS.

Design dept. is still working on the Logo.
But the new inspection vehicle is working great for my expanded territory.

Here is another one, but costs a lot more than $85 and has been around longer than Nick’s CMI. I think I remember a post that said these mold designations were not on his radar.

Where can I buy it?? Price is no object to get that kind or accreditation!!

Ha Ha Ha!

Silly Human!

You cannot buy such an honor.

It must be Earned by eons of service and then awarded by S.U.C.C.!

(Supreme Universal Certification Council)