Auction: FLIR E8 EX Series Infrared Camera

Up for Auction, is David Macy’s FLIR E8 EX Series Infrared Camera. David is an InterNACHI member and retired inspector. He stated the camera has barely been used and works perfectly.

David has offered to donate 10 percent of the winning bids amount to Cozy Coats for Kids and for every $100 above the starting bid amount, David will add one percent to the Cozy Coats for Kids commission.

Bidding starts at $1,000. Please post your bid on this thread.

Auction ends, Wednesday, January 2 at 4:00 PM EST.

How would you like to receive the bids? Right here on the thread?

what year is that camera? I’m thinking it is an old series and less resolution than the new E8 wifi?

I don’t know the age, but all E8’s have 320x240 thermal resolution, with MSX.
The WiFi came later in the product cycle.


Here’s an update from David Macy. He stated there isn’t wifi on the camera and it was purchased in November 2016.

Attached are two pictures he took on the camera this week.




Dave Fetty wins! I’ll send you an email with the next steps.

Thanks Maggie and Dave!

I purchased an E8 manufactured in 2016. Yes, the sensor resolution is the same as the E8 wifi version (320x240). When comparing it to the E8 wifi that I purchased new last year, I felt the display quality was not as good, but after a firmware update, they were identical.

How did you do the “firmware” update?

From the Flir web site.

Here we go again!
My guess is… He had it hacked with new firmware upgrade .:smiley:
Mine is hacked with upgraded firmware as well…

Thank you.

No, he simply updated the firmware with the newest offer by the company. Same as doing updates to your phone, MS windows, fish finders, etc.

The “hack” is to increase resolution on limited cameras to the level of the E8. Being as it is already 320x240 pixel, you can’t increase the E8…that I’m aware of.

This is correct. It was an E8 from the day it was born and always offered 320x240 resolution.

As too often happens at this forum, the topic is drifting. I offered what I hoped would be helpful advice to the current or new owners of the E8 being auctioned, and we ended up talking about my camera.

Let’s return to the auction for DAVID MACY’s E8, which is a fine instrument with a 320x240 IR sensor.