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I am currently working my way through the energy audit course, and am thinking about equipment, and so soliciting advice. First perhaps a comprehensive list . Then , have you found brands and models that have proven to be quality and reliable, as well as good sources of supply. Also wondering the same about software.
Lots of questions I know, but I have it on good authority that this is the place to look for answers.



When you say “energy audit course”, which course are you referring to? BPI or HERS training is strongly recommended before setting foot in a clients home to do an “audit”.

Which audit course are you taking?

I am beginning with the course offered by Internachi

I’ve not taken that course yet but I have done BPI and Resnet. There are basically two companies for the blower door, fan, manometer and duct blaster equipment. Minneapolis and Retrotec. For infrared cameras it’s Fluke and Flir. Then there is gas tester, co meter, smoker, etc. For software I use Remrate for HERS ratings.
Here are a couple links

What is your budget for equipment and certification training?

A diagnostic home performance analysis or “energy audit” is considerably more comprehensive and invasive than a home inspection and I would advise you to refrain from investing in any expensive equipment or use any other term than “Energy Inspection” when utilizing the InterNACHI energy program.

As you learn more about the field and what it entails, you can decide which direction to take your business, acquire the necessary certification(s) and purchase the equipment that the protocol you decide to use will require.

The public is being programmed to connect the term “energy audit” with various tax incentives, low interest loans and rebates. They will expect their “auditor” to be someone qualified to provide them with a service that will entitle them to those incentives, loans and rebates and you want to be careful not to mislead them.

Study and learn … then go from there.

I would take a BPI or Resnet course first before investing in equipment, then check on the competition your area (free audits from the utility companies). The free audits are usally bull but the word free gets the attention.
Here you can check out what I give my clients:

good advice concerning BPI and RESNET. As to budget, that is not fully determined, but I do have some financial aid options.