Austin domain names for sale

I have some Austin specific domain names that I’m not going to use. Would like to sell., .net, .org, .info and Let me know if you’re interested.

Send me a PM if interested. $50 for all.

There’s 18 months left on the registration for these. This is cheap.

It’s all about seo. Or you could just wait 18 months til I just let them go.

Great SEO for you Austin guys, or gals.

So you grabbed more that you needed and you are trying to dump them off on us.!
What a friend.
We need more like you around.
Get your vendors credentials.

I was planning a move to Austin. Plans changed. Selling for less than I paid. Just passing it on, or just let them expire in two years. Are you interested, or just being an azz? I didn’t know I needed to be a vendor.

I still have these if you’re interested. is probably the best one. I’m not trying to make any money on these. Just want them to go to a good home.

I am interested in the domains. Please email me at

Now let’s see just how much Frankie learned from the RE’s…

Will the price increase due to a fictitious price war after sitting dormant for over a year without a nibble?

Pay it forward for the good kharma :slight_smile:

Good answer!

Edwin should be the new owner now. Good luck!