Auto Hammer?

Anyone ever use this tool?

Nope, but I saw it demonstrated on TV the other day. I think I need one.:mrgreen:

As someone who has owned numerous Craftsman tools over the years I can honestly say they make great hand tools and have great warranties on those but my experience has been their electric tools SUCK…SUCK…SUCK! They break or fail prematurely, rarely live up to the hype in the ads and every one I have ever owned (most have been gifts from wife’s family over 30 yrs) has been a huge disappointment. Furthermore, most if not all of it is made in China. If you buy one I would keep the receipt and put it through some touch tests and if it did not perform well in every way it would go back by week’s end.

As a gadgit freek, it’s a must have!!!

Lithium-ion batteries are a BIG improvement over the last generation batteries…
I have one of these, and love it

Yea, show up with that on your first day with the framing crew…:mrgreen:

I used one similar to this… air powered

I have never seen this one in action, but as to the commercials I have seen they never show how deep the nail is set, do you have to set the nail at all.

Click on the link and then select “Experience This Product” on the left side then run the video, it shows nails being set flush.