Auto refresh

Does anyone know how to get chrome or internet explorer to auto refresh as soon as things are posted?

It could come in handy in a bit :slight_smile:

why would we tell you today? :twisted::mrgreen:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Try clicking the white “X” in the red rectangle in the upper right corner of the window continually…:slight_smile:

If you use Bob Elliott ,Chicago in all your posts today it refresh’s faster.

Just click at the bar tool “round” arrow and you are all set.:wink: It’s all fair play. A season to be generous.

LOL!!! Larry Bob, awesome

I checked it out looks too risky for me. I guess I’ll just have to be Quick Draw McGraw on the mouse :slight_smile: I hope someone tries . We will see.

I agree with Bob that worked for me last year
Michael Meeker, Dania Beach Florida

I think you asked the same thing last year.

Hard to believe that there are only 112 people on right now…oh, that’s right, the party was moved to Wednesday.


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