Aux panel

Anyone see issues with this aux panel? Is it ok to have neutral wire split in half on neutral bus? Service entrance and outogoing conductors are all in lower section of panel.


The house won’t burn down but this is a code violation. They sell a larger lug that takes up 2 neutral slots. Marc will probably come up with a picture of one :wink:

Ask, and you shall receive:

QO70AN, accessory neutral lug:

May consider one of these too, eh?

Only if you’re Canadian, eh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got that from visiting the U P (upper peninsula) of Michigan once. :smiley:

In all seriousness, though, you are correct. The ground bar pictured is too small to properly accommodate all the conductors terminated in it. The Square D ground bar holes are rated for terminating a couple conductors in each hole, but not that many, as pictured. Looks like they even have a couple wrapped around the panel cover screw.

Yup, that is what they did (2 wrapped around a cover screw).
I copied the picture and blew it up. One is also sistered up with the EGC feeding the panel. Larry is right about what he needed.
I try not to be stingy with ground busses. When I built up the replacement panel in my house I put in the longest one they list at each place that takes one (3 about 8" long) and looped a #4 solid through all of them before I even put the panel up. No matter where I enter that box, I have a ground bus with free holes close by. Made wiring up with the existing wiring a lot easier. It cost me a couple extra bucks, well worth the money.

I don’t know if you guys catch this one the bonding screw need to be removed.


At the aluminum neutal conductor?

I can’t really say for sure if there’s a bond screw in there or not, but the French Marc must have spotted one. I blew up the picture, and what I think is the bond screw hole, next to the neutral lug, appears empty. Hard to say. In any event, if there’s a bond screw in there, it can’t remain.

If you look at the netural busbar the third screw from the right it is above it unless the picture got little burry on the screw head.