Avg houses inspected in a week


New guy here and was wandering what the average number of houses that are inspected in a week. I retire from the Navy in two years and have chosen this field to retire into. Thanks in advance.

Matthew Souders

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How many Russian submarines can Arleigh Burke destroyer sink on average in a single week?

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Welcome, and thank you for your service. For me, 5 to 8 is is the best range.


Well, having worked on them for 5 years and what I seen, quite a few would be my guess. LOL
Matthew, thank you for your service.
When I started part-time inspecting, I was happy with 2-3 since I had a full-time job. Scott’s #'s are probably more in line depending on where you are practicing.

Lol, then I should have no concerns!

5 to 8 is were I’m hoping to be in the first year of my retirement. Now is that steady throughout the year?

Thanks, that’s what my plan is. Hope to inspect part time then roll into full time inspecting.

That does not happen over night, so be prepared for marketing and time it takes to gather up a clientele of clients that work for you with word of mouth and a lot of studying.


7 to 10 per week was my normal when I was going at it full time. This year I am ‘semi’ retired and only doing 1 inspection a day.
As for steady throughout the year, in my area Nov, Dec & Jan were always about half of the other months. The economy is also a big factor on real estate as well.


Definitely studying, if I’ve learned one thing from my 18yrs of services is that knowledge is power.

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Them are great months for time off, time with family and hunting!


This is correct. Market and what can you offer that sets you apart?


Charge more and Inspect less!


The difference between military work or and government work is you will always have a job, I’ve done both. As a sole business owner your success is based on your effort. Even then the best effort may not be rewarded because some fool down the street is $100 cheaper. 5-8 a week is a number a very well established business will do in a great market.


I’ve reached out to over 100 realtors to ask them

  1. What they expect out of a inspector.
  2. What services they wish inspector had.
  3. What there biggest complaint is when dealing with inspectors.

From what I’m gathering, if you want word of mouth in your favor all you have to do is be professional(speak /Look) and take pride in you work.

Rule #1 realtors lie.
Rule#2 a good inspector may not be what a buying or selling agent desire. They have “their guys”.



Bet of luck to you Matthew I hope you are very successful.

Thanks and thank you for your input.

Buyers are liars & sellers are thieves… … …

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