Avoid broken equipment

The FLIR wrist strap design is flawed.

I slipped in an attic and released the imager to obtain another handhold to avoid a catastrophic fall…the hinge broke, released the assembly from the imager and allowed it to drop leaving me with wrist strap and access door assembly and no imager…luckily it was a short fall into insulation…no permanent damage to the imager but I’ll have to “duct tape” repair until new assembly is delivered…I’m going to get a neck strap that will screw install at the threaded hole under the bolometer

Be careful out there


Barry…what the heck you want for 4-50G’s?-----:lol:

didn’t your gramma ever give you those clippy things that went around your wrist that you could snap on things You didn’t want to lose…oh…maybe you didn’t grow up where there was snow and You had to wear gloves…


What the hell, just get a new camera :slight_smile:

With all that commercial work, you’re going to need a better one anyways.


If you were in the attic, why did you get off the walk platform??


To further investigate in detail my suspicions…but you assume I was off the platform…not the case…the portion I stepped on was not properly secured and teetered as weight was applied…problem was I assumed two points of contact, feet and one hand was sufficient…bad on me for assumption

Truth be known I will get off a platform whenever I feel the need calls for further investigation…I appreciate your concern but you can save the SOP adherence diatribe for others…I like to drive fast and take chances…:smiley:


Total FLIR replacement part cost TT&L+S&H $41.14

So let’s see if I got this right. The strap on your wrist broke and you dropped a camera. So now you want a STRONGER strap that you will anchor around your NECK. Hmmmmmmmmm? :neutral:

So perhaps you slip and the camera gets caught, what gives first?:twisted:

Thanks for the warning. I just checked mine and noticed this. . .

Exact same location…hmmmmm…do I smell a class action and product recall…your shark or mine?

Thanks AstroBoy I’ll Just get me some ROPE! no sense wasting good money on a stinkin’ neckstrap :twisted:


Some things one just does not do. Tug on Superman’s cape, take a whizz against the wind and hold the camera with a cheesy wrist strap. I took a look at the strap and a look at the purchase price No way would rather fall through the ceiling than damage my camera be a lot less costly. It stays in my hand

Mine did to until the event…seems like tugging on his cape would be safer than his tights :twisted:

I’m on the beneficiary list of your policy, right? :wink: