Avoid Dangers of Smishing

Attacks on Smart Phones:)


I quess smart phones are not that smart lol Thanks Marcel for the info

My Son-in-Law is a State Farm Agent Wayne, and I get a lot of good info from State Farm.
Obviously insured through through them also.

Anyways, I was tired of reading the Peyton Place scenario of Recall check. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

Lord now you have done it you mention the recall word in a post:mrgreen:

Cute OH! so close to what is going on thanks for the chuckle much appreciated .

Well, at least here it is a warning to all from an Insurance Company to take heed to all the Smart Phone owners.

And not about who let Roy back in to Inachi. Dam, I thought it was Nick all this time. ;):slight_smile:

You are correct it was NICK who asked me to come back to NACHI .

Time does dull some things .

Nick and I never stopped comunicating via phone and emails,

Misery loves Company…

Oh, I am very well aware of what happened Joe. :wink: