avoiding litigation

I just completed reading “avoiding litigation” .
It is a good read with lots of info , I only had one problem with it however.
I got done reading it and left with the impression that all Igot was a huge ad for his REPORT WRITING SOFTWARE .
Anyone else feel the same?

I thought the article was good, I read it sometime ago. But didn’t look at the article as an advertisement.

An infomercial, to say the least, but nothing unusual. We all do it.

If you are interested in looking for new ways to market your own services, read through the forums and look at how are vendors target their markets. Read, especially, how Steiner and Swift “create the need” and fill it with their product. Think of what ways in your market that you can do the same thing.

In this regard, whether you buy the product or not, the vendor is providing you with a very valuable service.