Aw gee, golly gosh...

Well, I went to a high school football game tonight—my granddaughter is a cheerleader—and I had a nice conversation with many of the girls on 16-person squad. Many of them have spent the night with Molly (my granddaughter) in our home, or have gone to various events with us.

Molly just sent me a text message—all the girls just think Molly has the cutest grandfather…

**Now, I have long been somewhat skeptical of the acumen of today’s teenage girls, but I am now quite convinced—they know a ****real hunk when they see one.

For years I have thought I should enter myself in a “male beauty contest”—I’d surely be a winner. I have this “Angelo Siciliano body”. Angelo was a body builder in the 1940’s and marketed a body building course under the name of “Charles Atlas”. The main sales-pitch (in comic books, especially) was about a skinny guy who was bullied at the beach—he got sand kicked in his face and was humiliated in front of his favorite girl. Ol’ Skinny took the course and went back to the beach and kicked the bully’s butt.

That was what I did. After 6 months of a 4-week course I declared myself ready. I went to the beach, and…well…all I can say is that the course really works. The guy who kicked the crap out of me had taken the course, too.

Anyway, what do you guys think; Should I challenge Matt Weik (six time World Champion Body Builder) or should I do something simple, like just take on a tag team of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

**Or apply for a spot on “Dancing with the Stars”. **


Are you OK?

Jae, why don’t you do us all a favour and take on Roseanne ( the Mad Cow) Barr? I am sure you could take her two out of three ( OK four out of seven?)

Are you you kidding???!!! Last time she whipped me with seven straight pins!!!

Call Vince McMahon - WWE needs new blood (of all ages). Heck, if Ric Flair, Jimmy Snooka and Ricky Steamboat can still do it, you should have no problem.

I’m sure the WWE Divas will find you just as cute as the cheerleaders. :slight_smile:

Jae, it appears as if the mind is still willing. I think you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. As long as it does not involve your body, you should be okay. :smiley:

Jae you crack me up :slight_smile: