Award Committee Question of the Week 12/13/2015

Please describe 3 concerns regarding knob and tube wiring. (multiple correct answers).

Covered by insulation
Cracked / deteriorating sheathing
Spliced with other types of conductors

ungrounded circuits
commonly 14 gauge wire
brittle insulation
often buried in insulation
unapproved splices

No ground: Only a hot and neutral wire are provided.
Wire insulation: The individual electrical wires are wrapped in a rubberized cloth.
Knob and tube wiring connections or splices were made outside of electrical junction boxes. In normal practice knob and tube wiring splices are soldered and also taped.

It is just old like most of us here . lolol And needs updating like most us here . Besides that, all the above are good answers .

Improper alterations
Heat & critters
Thermal insulation problems
Insurance availability

Good point!

no ground
many times I’ve seen damage from rodents in the attic creating a fire hazard
if the home is over 30 years old in Florida, the required “4 Point” insurance report will cause a cancellation or no coverage offered

Heat issues
Rodent issues
Most all insurance companies will not cover.

Other issues:
It tends to stretch and sag over time.
Improper placement over joists (should be along the sides of).
Insufficient conductor separation.
Lack of conductor protection where wires cross.

Kenny Ramm first answer, but these are all good things.