Award Winners for 2012

Winners of Awards this Year for 2012.

Member of The Year/Gromicko Award

Jeffrey R. Pope

[size=2]Winners of the;[/size]
Best Defect Picture Award

Bobby Hamilton
**Martin Karl

The winners of the Award win;

[size=2]One Case of;


And Best of all,[/size]
One Free Year to INACHI Membership

Winners of the;

** **** Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award **

Mike Mosiuk
Terry Russell
John Bowman
Kevin Wood
John Ritter
John Harrison

Christian Mettel
Troy Pappas
Buck Hartley
Mike Meeker
Marty Karl
Chris Walsh
Mike Auger
Greg Mathias
Chuck Evans
Gerald L. Coy
Robert Bland
Will Misegades
Gary Oleski
Marcel Cyr

The winners of this Award all get this Certificate to use on their Websites and/or Office wall.

gerrybeaumonteducation.pdf (189 KB)

So on behalf of the Awards Committee and Nick Gromicko,

Congratulations to All:):smiley:

Awards Committee

Dennis Goudreau (Chairman)
Larry Kage (Vice Chairman)
Mike Auger
John Bowman
Roy Cooke
John Shishilla
William Warner
Marcel Cyr

Congratulations to all and a big thanks to all who helped by voting .

Stay tuned for next year and more winners … Roy

What no winners for the most political posts? lol
Congratulations to all. And Thank you Marcel for all you do

:mrgreen:Thanks Wayne and we all know who wins that aforementioned catagory, right?:wink:

Congratulations Jeff!

And well done to all who achieved the Gerry Beaumont Education Achievement Award!


Now I have two :slight_smile:
I am going to try to have the most ever someday if I am here long enough :slight_smile:

GB awards are great you win twice. First you win buy learning all that information then you win the cool certificate for wall and website use :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all who make it possible.

Good job Marcel… and company!!

very nice

Congrats, All! thanks for participating in the MB, by posting and voting. Good on all those who achieved the GB as well, great way to better yourselves professionally by spending time on your own education. Cheers to all, capping off a good 2012, and best wishes in the upcoming year!

Due to the Holidays, the Award for Jeff Pope will be placed tomorrow.

It usually takes about 3 weeks to get delivered.

I will post the Proof Set when I get them available to me.