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These By-laws have been enacted as of 9 August 2004. They are posted here for all to read.

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Awards Committee

I. Purpose

The Awards Committee is tasked with four major purposes:

1. To publicize awards offered by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors to ensure participation of outstanding qualified entries.

2. To evaluate the nominees for each award and to select winners in each category.

3. To plan and implement the "Awards Ceremony" held each year at the National Convention of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

4. To review suggestions for new awards, develop criteria and guidelines, and implementation.

II. Committee Selection, size, and Length of Terms

The Awards Committee Council is comprised of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Directors of each of the awards subcommittees. The selection, size, and length of term of each subcommittee is separately established by the Council. The Awards Committee Council, Chairman and Vice Chairman will serve for a term of two years. Open elections will be held during the month of February every two-years for Chairman and Vice Chairman. Eligible to vote will be members of the Awards Committee, only. Council seats are available to current Awards Committee Members with at least two years experience within the Awards Committee. (Our first scheduled election is slated for Feb. 2005. All committee members are eligible for Chairman and Vice Chairman during our first election).

III. Reporting Procedures

Awards will be announced throughout the year. The Directors will report this information to Council by utilizing the NACHI Awards Reporting Form.

The Council ensures that the awards are listed in the annual rewards report which will be disseminated at the NACHI National Convention each year.

The Council represents the Awards Committee when meeting with other NACHI Committee's, and staff personnel.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

The Awards Committee Directors prepare and submit announcements concerning awards to the Council for publication and dissemination on the NACHI Bulletin Board or other available means. (i.e. email services, web sites, etc.).

The Awards Committee Council and Directors establish deadlines for award nominations.

The Council distributes nominations to the appropriate subcommittee. Each subcommittee evaluates nominations it receives on the basis of written award criteria and selects award winner (s) as appropriate. Policy questions regarding criteria or eligibility for an award may be directed to the Awards Committee for necessary clarification.

The Council and Directors, in conjunction with the NACHI National Convention Coordinator, and the NACHI Executive Director and President, plan an appropriate awards ceremony at the National Convention. Normally the ceremony is led by the Awards Council Chairman with each subcommittee Director presenting the award for which he/she is responsible. In addition to presenting the award, the Sub-committee Director prepares an awards citation that presents the Subcommittees reasons for presenting the award to be read at the ceremony.

From time to tome, the Awards Committee review awards criteria and procedures and recommends any revisions that may be appropriate. The committee may recommend new awards for Awards Council and NACHI Executive Director and President's consideration. The Awards Committee also evaluates awards and changes to guidelines proposed by members of NACHI and makes recommendation to the Awards Council concerning the proposals. Should new awards be approved, the Awards Committee is responsible for drafting appropriate award criteria and procedures.

V. Meetings

The Committee will normally meet on the NACHI Awards Committee Forum, or other location to be announced by the Council Chair, on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m., est. These meetings will not entail any travel or expenses to the Awards Committee members. Meetings will be accomplished via internet.

These By-Laws were enacted by majority vote and approved for implementation in August 2004.