Awards Committee seeks feedback

Hello interNACHI inspectors!

We at the interNACHI Awards Committee feel that it’s important to recognize our peers for excellence in the inspection field. As many of you know, we recently awarded the Nick Gromicko Member of the Year to Randy Mayo. We also award the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award to deserving members who complete 50 or more hours of continuing education in a calendar year. These are both prestigious awards in their own right. People WANT to win them.

We want to have more awards, but we want them to be prestigious, we want them to have meaning and bear some honor to win. We, as Awards Committee volunteers, feel recognition for excellence is important.

Please take a moment to seriously consider what award you would like to see your peers recognized for. We are looking for feedback on adding new awards to recognize our fellow inspectors for excellence. We may add more than one award too…thanks for any serious feedback.

imo…the peer vote/recognition system was viewed as a popularity contest of mb users & didn’t really represent the entire assoc

why not bring the 4 below back
all voting by electronic ballot mailed to the entire membership
& create additional categories for the other territories/countries seldom seen or heard from on the mb

4 below once were…why were they removed?

NACHI Member of the Year

U.S. Member of the Year

Canadian Member of the Year

Inventions and Innovations Award Program

imo…the peer vote/recognition system was viewed as a popularity contest of mb users & didn’t really represent the entire assoc

why not bring the 4 below back
all voting by electronic ballot mailed to the entire membership
& create additional categories for the other territories/countries seldom seen or heard from on the mb

4 below once were…why were they removed?

NACHI Member of the Year

U.S. Member of the Year

Canadian Member of the Year

Inventions and Innovations Award Program

if the results aren’t worth the time for members to click a ballot
the committee may have seen it’s better days

Not to bother this thread, but how about a “member of the year who hates HI licensing the most” award. You could go on and on…

I strongly agree with Barry. The present award voting system is nothing more than a MB popularity (or anti) contest, with a very small % of actual members voting (lucky if there’s a 100).

If you wish to add more awards or make the present awards more bona fide you need to find a way to allow All members to participate; voting by electronic ballot mailed to the entire membership.

With only 100-150 votes out of a 12,000 + membership the “awards” lack any true credentials, IMO.

Are the award winners listed in the Nachi newsletter?

This can be an avenue to reach out to all members as to who needs to be nominated and why.
Who the nominees are
Who won which awards.

What is the benefit of winning any of the awards?
do you only receive a digital copy of a certificate that states you won an award?
Shouldn’t there be something more
Something that would make members want to achieve the award year after year.

  1. Educational Award (50 education credits complete) - notification to local brokers that Inspector X has earned the award

  2. Top <Location> Member - Press release interNACHI recongnizes Inspector X is the top inspector in xyz state
    {Repeat for every State, Providence, Territory)

  3. <Country> Member of the Year (only for Top <Location> awardees) press release + 1 year free membership
    {Repeat for every country}

  4. Internachi Member of the year (pulled from the <Country> members of the year) Press Release + 1 year free membership + $1000 bonus

  5. Fastest Growing Company (submission of tax returns to show year to year profit loss, minimum of 4 years returns to set baseline) Press release. Marketing Material

  6. Community Member of Excellence (submission of community interaction or events) <Working with Habitat for Humanity, Sponsoring food drives, ect…
    Press Release. Marketing Material

Ill post more as I think of them.

they aren’t in the newsletter, but are listed in the awards committee portal

The Gerry Beaumont award has only a certificate, sent digitally, there are several winners per year.

The member of the year gets an actual award made and sent to them.

The benefit is prestige, notoriety… feeling of accomplishment.

Those are good ideas, although not so sure members would submit financials…

Awards are good for the recipient and the organization and who doesn’t like proof of achieving something.

MAjority voting takes time and out of 9,000 members probably only a couple hundred would vote. I think promoting the awards so we don’t find out after the fact would make the award program better.

Internachi is good about not spamming its members so a few emails to announce awards would be welcome in my email box.

Good points Paul and well taken by the Awards Committee.

Email notification blast by Headquarters was tried out years ago on voting for MOY and did not pan out very well showing only a few hundred extra voter.

There might be 10,000-12,000 members, but only 3,000 +/- are active on the Message Board.

Unless there are more members to participate on the MB, there will always be the call of Popularity Contestants.
But what is wrong with that if those are the only Members you know that participate out of the 10,000?

With the 3,000 active Members, you would think that some could help the Committee to come up with Awards that fit the General Membership.

The Member of the Year/Gromicko Award is a prestigious Award given to a Member that has contributed to the betterment of Inachi Members of this MB.

Randy was chosen as one of them by the Awards Committee.

During the Course of the Year, anyone is welcome to Nominate anyone of there choosing for this Award.

InterNACHI Member of the YEAR/Gromicko Award

Article 1 – Introduction

The iNACHI Member of the Year program was created to publicly recognize aInterNACHI member for superior performance during the calendar year, January 1st thru December 10th.

Article 2 – Description of the Program

The award will be presented to any InterNACHI member selected based on exceptional contributions to the iNACHI Association, fellow members, and their individual local community in the following areas:

I. Performs “beyond the call of duty” to improve the service, quality, or image of iNACHI.
II. Exemplifies professionalism and dedication to excellent service by putting forth the extra effort.
III. Makes outstanding contributions of significance to the iNACHI organization to fulfill its mission.
IV. Provides extra time and effort to educate, construct innovative tools related to operating a Home Inspection business, and provide the tools to help their Associates in the InterNACHI Associations with complete disregard to time, and labor with no compensation.

The iNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of this award.

Article 3 – Eligibility

I. All members of the iNACHI Association are eligible. (Employees, officers, directors, staff, and members who have been compensated are not eligible).
II. Members that have been Nominated and received an Award will not be eligible for the same Award in the same Category again.

Article 4 – Submission Guidelines

Entries are for the period of January 1st thru December 10th of any given year.

Deadline for submission of nominations is set for December 10th of each year.

Candidates are nominated by any group, committee, or member of the iNACHI organization by forwarding a letter or email to the iNACHI Awards Committee with all supporting documentation and recommendations. All submissions received will be considered. Those lacking substantiate supporting documentation may be returned to the submitter for further documentation, verification, or clarification.

Any Member of the Awards Committee would be happy to answer anyone’s question they may have.

I came on to this post late and did not see some of the retracted posts and why they were deleted.

If I can help in any way, let me know.

I would also like to point out that with the Award winners of the Member of the Year/Gromicko Award comes a Free Lifetime Membership to Inachi.

This is a benefit given by Inachi that is priceless.

So please all of you, help in giving us ideas to better serve you as best we can.
All members of the Awards Committee are volunteers and spend hours trying to provide recognition to the ones that merit it.

I agree with you that Promotion says it all and hopefully during the course of the year, myself or others of the Committee will try to do so and keep the Membership informed of any Nominations that may occur.

Thanks for you input to this matter.

Marcel and the Awards Committee

After reviewing the former MOY recipients, I believe the committee has done an excellent job choosing each year.
It’s not easy, but their dedication to fairness shows.

I think a membership vote would be weighted as a popularity contest that may compromise the intent of the award.
For that reason, I’m against changing the established tried & successful process.

Perhaps “sub-awards” can be considered in separate categories:
best contributor for electrical, roof, plumbing, inspection processes, ethics, etc. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marc…

Mike: How about milestone award recognition certs for the guys? Nice to see something for 1000, 2500, 3000, 4000 and up. I am on the site now and searching the forum for ideas to recognize my husband for his hard work over last 15 yrs. Can’t find anywhere that any of you inspectors are given that by anyone. All of these are accomplishments in my book…


Or how about the inspector that thinks outside the box and is NOT AFRAID to say it when they believe it regardless of the consequences of the trolls around here :slight_smile:

Nicest Inspector that “seems” like a jerk here :slight_smile:

Lighten up just adding some humor I am not serious except about my first statement welllllll maybe I am. I do not know today.