Awards Dinner at Convention

Mr. Will Decker has been added to the venue.

Come join us as we toast Will Decker and Roy Cooke.

Details of the restaurant, etc. are still pending and we need a coordinator for this. Anyone interested?

I’ll be there.

So will I

Any takers?


Depending on the number of people attending we should be able to just show up at any restaurant or bar and get in. If you feel that we will have more than 20 people than I can arrange for a place.

Please let me know.

It’s all yours Mario. On another thread somewhere we had several show interest, but I have no idea on the exact count.

We will also include Chris Morrell (if he desires to show up), and recognize all the other winners.

Don’t Forget RR!

We will be their, just let us kow where, thanx Chuck and Peg.

I mentioned Zorros, but how fancy and good do you want to go? We could rent a bus and do a drive-through! :wink:

You can count me in

TACO BELL, Please :shock: