awesome halftime show

This is at a Navy basketball half-time show … I’ve never seen anything like this with jumpropes!

Long show but gets even better towards the end…

I’s great to see that type of dedication by young people. Can you imagine the hours of practice that went into that 7-8 min. performance

Amazing 4th-8th graders

National interest in jump-rope competition got started with teams from a small Cincinnati neighborhood many years ago. After dominating national championship competition for years, the sport has obviously blossomed.

It has become a bit of a “mania” around here, I suppose.

Kings Firecrackers are located in Kings, Ohio near Mason, Ohio (just outside of Kings Island Amusement Park). The school principal wanted to get the kids interested in physical exercise, so he handed the girls a bunch of jump-ropes…

They’ve traveled all over the country, and even to foreign lands.

And stay tuned for the movie! Yes, you heard that correctly–a movie may be in the offing about these girls.