Awesome Opportunity

Join me for a great opportunity for Certified Infrared Training.

Johns classes are almost always on weekends and if you are like me you may not wish to spend all day Saturday and Sunday in your office and tied to your computer and phone no matter how good the info is.

For me The weekend is for Family Time for many of you it may be when you do many of your inspections.

Whatever your reason I figured I would let you all know that John has a Tuesday and Wednesday Course this upcoming March 25th and 26 I will be attending and figure the more the merrier. I’ll see or at least hear you all there. Happy Holidays to all.

Let me know if you will be attending in this thread, it’ll be fun to see who will be there.

Mike I thought you wanted out of this business…

1st. I Never stop learning while I am still participating in this business.

2nd. I am hoping to take all my qualifications, Certified General Contractor, Certified Master and Florida Licensed Home Inspector and after March Certified Infrared Thermographer to a major U.S. Home Builder. I have a company interested in me and I am hoping for a Quality Control or Problem Solving position either Nationwide or in Florida. If it does not pan out with the company I hope I will begin pursuing others strongly. My hope is to get in with a huge construction company with benefits and plenty of room to climb the company ladder. If I stay in Florida I will maintain all my licenses and likely keep doing my own thing on my own time when the price is right. I will remain a InterNACHI member because that is how the companies National Vice President found out about me :slight_smile:

I think that should fill all in on my intentions for this upcoming year :slight_smile:

I’m taking advantage of this awesome training right now

Troy, are you going to New Orleans?

No, I just started the training and did not know about the conference until I signed up. I already have two conferences I plan on attending in the first six months and can do another. I will plan on it next year.

Let us know what you think of it. I am looking forward to my training. Should’nt you be paying attention to class :slight_smile:

I’m also in the middle of it too. I might go tho New Orleans and just do the certification on Sunday and the classes on Monday. Learn well. :slight_smile:

Bump. I’ll only bump it once a month I promise.

Come on I want a full class with some folks to chat with about it :slight_smile:

Do not miss out…
Sign up today.

The more the merrier.

What ya chicken? You know you wanna do it. Come on an join me :slight_smile: I cannot wait :slight_smile:

Only 10 more hours to go :slight_smile:

Is anyone else taking tomorrows class???