Awesome phone

Just purchased the Samsung Note-3 phone:D

I think the only logical next step would be HIP mobile;-)

The phone takes great pics so probably no more lugging around my digital camera and it comes with a stylus so that should make note taking a whole lot easier…speaking of note-taking, I can use the stylus to write notes right on the face of the phone…speaking of the face of the phone, IT’S HUGE! I put it next to my old phone (Samsung Charge) and it dwarfs it.

I’ll update it in a week/month and let you know if I am still happy with it.

Keep us updated

Hip…hip…HIP and your world will be complete

I use the Note 2. I used to also own a charge but the battery life was the worst of any phone I’d ever owned.

The Note 2 can go for 2 day’s without a charge. It’s an awesome phone.