Awsome Sight

The least you could do is use a Jewish guy for your overlay. He was a good Jewish boy, after all. :mrgreen:

You know, big nose, large glasses, halo, the usual Jewish traits :mrgreen:

Don’t be surprised when you (all of the sudden) see this…

Hey for all you sky watchers that get up early .Venus is giving quite a show at sunrise lately.Last weekend it was combining with the moon.
Just look east a little before the sun comes up and you can’t miss it.



Nice Star of David in the center, there. :wink:


Some days Father Sky just isn’t in the mood :twisted:

Nick you sound like me. My Dad never failed to stop and show us the sunrise over the badlands on our way to Minnesota, a waterfall, deer and elk off in the distance. Snow covered mountains, autumn leaves. Camping next to the sound of a creek. There is nothing like the beauty in nature!

So that’s how he does it, he adds one layer of snow at a time! :cool:

BIG mattress! :cool: