AZ Inspectors

Mark your calenders for Sept 18 6 PM for an action/ information packed FREE meeting to all AZ inspectors.
Location Top Shelf Mexican Rest.
3301 W Greenway Phx.
The info will be posted on in a few days.
Topics… Pending law on this years ballet that can affect our business dramatically,
limit of liability clause in AZ,
e@o verses bonds and more.
Our special guest Jim Eckley.

Mr Eckley has been a strong advocate for all AZ inspectors since day 1.
If you have not attended one of his presentations this is not one to miss.
Bring note pads, and your HI related questions, information provide by Jim is fast paced.

Jim does not have anything to sell, just provides free and valuable information that affects and helps us all.

Well Dan as long as it is “faced paced”, count me in.
You provide the smokes of course. :wink: :mrgreen:

Opps… Caught the faced paced, darn spell/ grammer check… :smiley:
Smokes are on me…

Should be a great evening. Eckley is a great resource.
I will be there.

Thanks for letting us know, Dan!

Nobody selling anything? that is weird, all ASHI meetings like this?

I’ll have too go to more if that’s the usual case—:lol:

See you there Dan…!!!

Bring lots of smokes for BK…he has an issue----:lol:

No, Dan said the smoke is on him. :margarit: :cool:

Ahh…I get it now…been a long, hard, hot day----:weird:

Damn REO inspections…been crazy around here Erol…I’m wearing out my cell, and myself----(X})

Smokes are covered:D :smiley: . Water and nachos are free.
If some wants to eat or have a drink that will cost them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Where have you been;-) We have 10 meetings a year, 6 free or a small charge, just enough to break even on the cost for food etc. usually no more than 15-20 bucks.
4 that we charge enough to hopefully pay for room fees, presenter fees, food, admin. costs and marketing the events.

To the best of my knowledge none of the events over the past 7 years that I’ve been around were designed to sell something, with out them being marketed as such.
All seminars / meetings are provided with the goal to help us all better our selves in the profession, and hopefully keep us from losing time and money defending ourselves, if some one get a bug up their butt and files a complaint against us with the BTR
There are vender’s present at the 4 quarterly meetings, that get 10 min to sell/ market their product, other than that they sit at the back of the room, they are there to talk to you only if you are interested in their product…

Keep tuned… More great ones are coming over the next year…:slight_smile:


Brian’s tough on a pack of nails, one after the other (nervous condition I think)—:stuck_out_tongue:


Ah…great…I’ll go to more meetings in case someone files a complaint against me----:twisted:

But I don’t know who in the heck would do that, my clients (not realtors), love me—:lol:

10-4 Dan—:smiley:

Maybe we can get Brian to join ASHI at the meeting-----:lol:

The sad thing is… Realtors, POd sellers can and do file complaints.
When I started in this business, the typical saying was, it’s not if you get sued, it’s when you will.

From my experience in AZ I can say with out any reservations, it’s not if you will have a complaint filed against you, it’s you will have one filed sooner or latter.
The only defense we have to avoid getting dinged is… make sure we never forget who we are working for, if you don’t know an answer for something, say you don’t know instead of spieling some BS to make you look like you do, and make sure every one of your reports meet the SOP 100 %.

If an inspector thinks he needs to do 3-4 inspections a day to make a living he’s needs to raise his price, or get out now before he’s sued out of business.


Dan you got that right…about one a day is all I care to do anymore.

There are SO many inspectors who went out of business is probably another reason we can charge more and work less, but work everyday if we want, seven days a week. (I’m beginning to dislike that)–:stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking at the BTR site the other day, I simply could not believe the amount of inspectors who went out of business in the last year…UNREAL…!!

It’s really a shame. I hate to see so many lose the $s and time it costs to get started.
Hopefully new ones looking at getting in this business will do more research.
Over the past couple of years I’ve had several call me about getting started and about joining ASHI.
My 1st suggestion to them is always, before spending any $s, attend one of our free seminars, research HI bbs, and talk to other local inspectors to get a feel if you are willing to accept the liability we have, and financially able to spend the $s and time it will take get your business up and running.

Yep…I have not had many calls lately from people wanting to get in the business, when the market was hot with the price of homes going up 10G’s a week I was getting calls every week from someone wanting to know if I would let them do the 30 parallel inspections, or other questions.

Now the market is HOT selling all those houses that went up 10G’s a week and their worth 100-200G’s less, but no one is calling looking for parallel inspections—:smiley:

Is the dress code optional or are the tu-tus required? :shock: :wink:

Y’all have fun!