AZ statute of limitations

Hey AZ guys,

What is the statute of limitations in AZ for home inspectors? I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find anything. My agreement now states 2 years but if that’s not correct, i don’t want to leave it like that. Thanks.

There is none I know of.

Thats why in my agreement it states, this inspection report is for the day of inspection Not Tomorrow.

Dale is correct… there is no limit…
If you missed something major, they will have to prove it was present/visable at time of inspection…

Great we have good licensing…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It will be interesting to see how busshy can turn this into favoring his non-licensing agenda,:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course you could always disclaim everything, and hope to come out smelling like a rose if you did miss something…

thank you for the replies. I changed my agreement to read “This home inspection report states how the property, conditions and components of the home were viewed and/or tested on the day of the inspection only and is not a guarantee that these will remain in the same condition after the inspection is completed” I took that 2 years to file a lawsuit stuff out of there and replaced it with this. Thanks again for the help.

Good Scott…

Last year a Heat Pump tossed it’s cookies the day after my client moved in after the inspection (or so he thought), he was there at the time of inspection knowing darn well it was operating correctly (I take a picture of the IR Thermometer aimed at a register showing the supply temp) at all inspections.

But the guy still wanted me to buy him a Heat Pump. But after I faxed him a copy of the agreement he lost (naturally) that was the last I heard about the Heat Pump needing to be replaced by me that day.

But I did send a friend of mine to the house to find out what was wrong, turned out the previous owner switched thermostats, and wired it wrong.

So the guy was happy I actually cared enough to send a friend there to look the system over for him, and he has sent me many referrals since.

But I sure make all my clients realize things break, and you never know when.

Scott and all.
There is a 2 day CE seminar comming up at the end of this month… One of the seminars are by a local attorney that can either help or burn you in the event of a lawsuit… Definitely a seminar not to miss, not to mention I guarantee that you will not fall asleep during the seminar, and this a chance to get valuable legal , local HI info at no additional charge.

good point and example. I once had a guy call me up because I did not explicitly say in the report that there was no garbage disposal under the sink. On my appliance page, I list the appliances that are tested and that, obviously, was not listed. I told him that if it was not on the appliances tested list, then there isn’t one there. I can give a 50 page report on what homes DO NOT have in them. I told him that if one were there and it didn’t work and I didn’t report that then that’s different but I’m not required to state the presence or absence of luxury items. It’s funny what clients think that your responsible for and think they can try and have you pay to replace things so they don’t have to.

Where is this? How do I get info? thanks

Great customer service! Well done!