Professional Equipment just knock down the price of the FLIR B-CAM SD
It is priced at $4995.00 you save $1,755.00 They told me it’s not going to last long, for this price. This camera is one of the best units that you can use for an inspection. Many inspectors will back up the FLIR camera, as one of the best cameras out there.

Go to www.professionalequipment.com it’s right on the front page.:D:D:D:D

You can get the same camera from Pro Lab for $4695. Why not save even more?

Greg you just rained on his parade

The reason the price won’t last long is that the prices are dropping fast. Pretty much like the price of HDTV’s lately. Within 6 months of buying my first HDTV the price dropped about a thousand bucks.

Hey Greg next time you post something maybe you should check the prices before saying anything PRO-LAB FLIR B-CAM SD $6,750.00 I thought you can save money at pro-lab I just checked out their site, it’s right on the front page…

Hey Troy it looks like I just rained on his parade lol

I don’t think Greg was making it up when he posted. Prices change. Maybe Greg should get up earlier than us and keep us updated when PROLAB changes their prices.LOL

Thanks for the compliment Aram. You could have at least signed your name like I did.:wink:


That price is for NACHI Members only. It is not an advertised price. You can get the real price by calling and speaking with Jason.

Cool Greg , you should have said that in the beginning…I just bought mine from PE but they gave me credit for the sale price which was good enough for me. Since I buy all my equipment through them, I didn’t think anything different about where to get a deal from anyone else. I didn’t know Pro-Lab even sold IR cameras
Next time I need something i’ll just post it on the board and get help the members.

Have a great weekend…Greg

Congrats Aram on the new IR camera…:wink:

Thank you John. I do appriciate your advice on the FLIR B-CAM SD instead of the other company we spoke about…I been using the CD they sent me with the package, on how to use the unit…It’s ok but not good enough…it’s class time… Leaving for Vegas Sunday, I’m taking the ITC course for Level-1

I might even be able to make your class in May…it will depend on my schedule also… I’l let you know by late April, cause I’ll be in AZ for an Energy Audit course on the 3rd and the 4th of May…

Talk to you soon John…

ESA just listed the BCAM SD for 4995.00

Sound like your gonna have a lot of fun…:mrgreen: Try not to enjoy it too
much… it is suppose to look like your working for a living… :wink: