B Dry system installed here, no permit pulled either

Homeowner spent $7,500 on this, was not told about (by B Dry) the water that enters the basement along the bottom of wall and floor is actually first entering the blocks through exterior cracks, no parging and some other openings around/under basement windows, back door etc. Some of the bottom blocks are crumbling/deteriorating and NOTHING was said NOR done about why they crumble/deteriorate/leak. No permit was pulled and the concrete that was put back in (where they broke open the floor along wall), has multiple cracks etc.
2 videos… inside basement

Question, WHY did the homeowners seek help, seek answers if B Dry did what they were supposed to do?

B Dry is the supposed-expert so why didn’t they exxxxxxxplain to homeowner that their interior system will NOT stop/prevent water that enters through exterior cracks in walls or cracked parging in walls or when no parging was applied to exterior walls when built.
These interior systems don’t stop/prevent mold, efflorescence on basement walls due to water/moisture/salts entering the same exterior openings, did they explain that to homeowners? Nope.
The visible horizontal crack and deteriorated blocks, why didn’t they explain to homeowners their system does NOTHING to stop-prevent this either, huh?

Just don’t say much to homeowners, if anything at all, about the most important facts, causes, solution and instead sell sell sell that interior system.

Shorty outside video…

:50 corner, where some of the water is FIRST entering… in that particular area.

Grade is too high, up against unprotected bricks and unprotected mortar joints, your asking the wall to withstand more weight and the walls answer is, sometimes we’re not going to, got dat?

Deck in back is likely one reason, one means to SCAM, to lie, to say something like ‘Oh no, its costly to remove/replace that deck so why don’t we install our shtthead interior system’.

These basements are NOT leaking because some SUPPOSED bullshtt story like, ‘Oh your exterior drain tiles are clogged/broken so we can do/install the same thing on the inside’… NONSENSE, incompetence, negligent, LIESSSSSSSSS, sheesh, what a crock of American bllllshtt.

I wrote this homeowner an estimate for a tad over $8,000… not including farting with the deck. Most interior basement system co’s would have charged… more, some much more for a job like this. Don’t believe me, loool, here’s one of many homeowners who KNOW… listen to him $15,000 and $27,000
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLzdt6wkS24 …they will try to SOAK you out of as much money as they think they can.