B Dry System previously installed in PA

Simple direct question, how many Nachi inspectors recommend B Dry to homeowners?
Any inspectors anywhere, step right up. B Dry installs interior basement systems, to ALL

Dear Haege, where are ya? Please explain this installation, why was it installed in the first place…huh? loooooool Are ya skeerrrrrrrrrrrrred?

Same old dogshttt. 2 short videos, same house, Bensalem PA.
Oh, it does NOT matter what the location/state as SOME have wondered or, CRIED about, jesus kristmas people, wake up please.

B Dry’s installation. he says 5 years ago

You people need to READ ALL the shtt that ‘sometimes’ is on the contracts you sign with these interior drainage system companies. BEWARE!!!

Some of these companies will NOT have certain clauses/statements on the contract which is also worrisome, BEWARE!!!

YOU, need to ask good questions folks, goodness sakes lol.

In fact, most of you should NOT be calling ANY interior system co.

Video, WHY is this guy at this house and doing the video?
PROBLEM is, here’s another inside system company who is going to install ANOTHER interior system!!!

This happens a lot.
One interior system co. installs their fruity Pebbles version and after awhile, if the homeowner bothers to notice that is, they get some mold or continued leaks/seepage or 1+ cracks occur or existing cracks widens and the homeowner contacts… loool, ANOTHER inside co!


Really? Do you really think one is better than the other? HUH?
If so, you could NOT be more fricken wrong!

NEITHER stops water from entering exterior cracks in block walls etc or cracked parging, no parging etc etc, not one of these interior systems.

Well ummm, if you don’t STOP the water from WHERE its actually entering then you’ll likely get some mold, efflorescence on wall(s) and-or see a crack widen etc.

SOME or all of these problems you may NOT see because, if the interior system company covered part or all of your stoooopid basement wall with bright wall paneling etc then ummm, you likely won’t see many cracks widen or mold etc and by the way, that wet, damp area BEHIND that bright wall, what a GREAT PLACE for insects, all for you.

2nd video, same place, sheeeeeeeeesh

B Dry, where art THOU? Where oh g dammm where is that warm, fuzzy feeling LIFETIME GUARANTEE??? (Bubba thinks he saw it in duh dumpster)

Tell ya what THEY will often say, shtt like, 'Oh Mr and Mrs Jones, our system, our guarantee doesn’t cover that, doesn’t cover this". Some of us KNOW what B Dry etc etc tells people because we’ve got many calls from them after their system failed, never worked in the first place!!!

This guy’s system/911 nor B Dry’s system etc doesn’t repair/waterproof the exterior cracks and other exterior openings which is where the water is first entering INTO the hollow block wall.

They’ll NEVER stop-prevent further mold because they aren’t stopping the water from getting into the blocks, its always going to be there!!!

:10 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!
He says, the board, (the white plastic-vinyl JUNK against block) COVERS the WEEP HOLES and water can’t get out of the wall!!! WOW, amazing loool

And I see where some realtors recommend THESE guys, woooow! Any local HI’s recommend them to homeowners? loool

Listen up 911 dude, the water IS coming out of the wall, BEHIND the plastic white JUNK.
Water has been getting into those blocks and then coming out BEFORE they drilled the stooped holes man! It came out right at-along the cove, sometimes right out of the last/lowest block.

It comes out, maybe not super fast, but it comes out behind the JUNK they place against blocks, that’s NOT why there is MOLD in the basement, on the wall(s)!!!
And its NOT why the basement still leaks!!!

These 2, and others, how it is they’re soooo trusting/honest, sooo experienced?
Show ME where!!!

BOTH incompetent and will GLllllllllllladly prove that in court, just say wwwwhen!!! And the TRUTH shall set your az FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!

FRUITY Pebbles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn_aMmaz0D4
Inside guys, fills yer yappers with this, its better than the CRAP that ya’s have coming out

I do not recommended them, but I explain to client when I see the inside systems.

I also recommend the EZ breathe as well because Gary Sullivan has one in his home. :shock:
That dude is giving some bad advise.

I always advised to my clients proper water control at the exterior including the garage.

looooooooooool Hope your doing well Mr. Macy

Glen Haege and Sullivan highly recommend the interior perimeter systems, pathetic garbage.

I have EZ Breathe in my bathroom and it does a shtty job removing the plop plop fizz aromas… eh.