B.O.A.T. Newsletter

The Dec ’10 Building Officials Association of Texas (B.O.A.T.) newsletter has an interesting article on “What am I Required to Fix?” and explains BOAT’s opinion on what a “home inspector” (their quotes, not mine) is responsible for and what an Owner should agree to repair. An article like this will surely confuse the dickens out of Buyers, Sellers, Realtors and even “home inspectors”. It is very shortsighted and misinformed to say the least.

See and comment on the article here: http://www.capcityinspections.com/blog/

TREC Form No. OP-I states Neither the Standards of Practice nor the TREC contract forms requires the seller to remedy condtions revealed by and inspection. The decision to correct a hazard or any deficiency identified in an inspection report is left to the parties tohe contract forthe sale or purchase of the home.

The buyer must use his or her pen to make or accept deficiencies in older or new construction.

I always recommend that client get a many if not all items corrected so when they go to sell they will not be asked to correct. :twisted: