B1 1802 # 7 Question

Have a piling home on barrier island. Technically the ground floor should not be improved for living space but it is and is not insurable according to the client. The access from the ground floor to the living floor (2nd fl) is a set of stairs with frame walls on both sides separated by a plain non glazed door (not rated) at the base of the stairs or at ground level with no door at the top of the stairway. The 2nd floor or insurable floor is completely protected with approved shutters and/or impact glazing but the uninsurable ground floor has several unapproved glazed openings. As a caveat, keep in mind if a high wind event comes along with storm surge on a barrier island the ground floor walls will breakaway as designed but will leave an opening in the stairwell for wind to enter the home.

How would you answer question 7 on the B1 1802 form?

A.3… I agree, not an ideal situation in the design. All openings in the breakaway walls are not considered for Q7 (even the overhead doors), however the ground floor entry door open to the upstairs is included as a non-glazed unrated door.

report what is there regardless of if insurable according to client or not. If there is a glassed opening or other opening not protected it is my opinion you must say so. That is what the form asks.

Just my 2 cents.

I would like to here the gurus opinions. Picts might help :slight_smile: