Baby Its Cold Outside


I had a call from my daughter it was -40 there lol and we are complaining at 28 here

I’m glad my truck is inside.

I hope the heat is on for my inspection today.

Me too . I would not like -24 . did that for a long time and i do not miss it .

Things you can do when it is Very cold

I’m sitting on the veranda in my t-shirt enjoying a nice glass of iced tea. The temperature here is sunny and +10 degrees–you guys can have that cold stuff…;-):wink:

I guess something is wrong with my computer .
It seems to be telling me a different story …

Intellicast | Weather Underground

LOl +10 is like a summer breeze Jae Not.
I think Roy was thinking in C degrees

Now I feel really bad. I think it is about 60 deg, sunny, clear, beautiful blue sky with a light breeze today in Pensacola. I am thinking of grilling out this afternoon with a couple of cold beers while I watch the peasants come home from work.:wink:

It’s not your computer, Roy. Cincinnati temps are recorded at the airport–in KENTUCKY! It’s about 20 miles south of my hometown–and across the river. Quite misleading.

There have been many times when the “official” snowfall for the area has been recorded at 8"-9", but in my back yard it may be around 15". On such occasion those were the actual measures, but about 10 miles north in Hamilton the depth was over 30"–so we don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the “official” anything around here–too much variance.

And where the heck is Ohio City, Ohio…I’ve never heard of it.

No idea I live in Canada two days driving from you .


Fort Wayne is a couple hundred miles north of here, and it looks like Ohio City is in Indiana.

Didn’t know there was such a place–but then there is a Cincinnati in Arkansas (recently in the news because of a tornado) and I did know about Cincinnati, Indiana.

Isn’t this fun??:smiley:

It’s in Ohio, south of Van Wert. Just another one of the little places that make up Northwest Ohio.

Hey, I was in Defiance about 10 years ago–did you see me? I was driving a blue '93 Chevy wagon.

Had to put a Long Sleeve T shirt on before heading out on the MotorCyle, wind chill at 75 mph must been in the low 60’s,Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr :wink:

Poor baby…:(:(:slight_smile:

We’ll have to send a CARE package with a coat in it…

TY Jae, I knew you would understand. :smiley: