Back slide door frame bottom corner lifts up

The house was built in 1980, The north-west back two fan slide door frame has lift-up deterioration. Could somebody please analyze why this happened and how to repair it? fasteners to ground loose, caulking damaged or ground settled?

Edward, we are not there for that.

Report what you see, photograph, make a recommendation and move on…easy peasy!

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Ed. You must learn to narrate the components you will see on a daily bases.
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1: Educate on ‘door frame’ components.

Exterior entryway doors require 'Thresholds."

Observation: Exterior. Fenestrations.
A: Buckled, Heaved ‘front/rear entryway threshold.’
B: Wide gap. Not sealed.

Observation: Structure: Poured concrete foundation.
Foundation crack. Location: Front/Rear Entryway.
Damaged concrete.

Image from further back please.

Why would you need a pic further back? It is obvious that the concrete has settled out from under the door, and the repairs will be extensive. I don’t think the OP will read this, he must have been scared off.

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Wanted to see the bigger picture.

No reason to be afraid. Better to address a issue here then learning in the field using unfounded incomplete hypotheses.

Yeah. Thank you: Robert Y, Larry K,Scott B. I learned sth from you. I post another Image Which I left. No clear for settlement, But observed another problem: on the middle lower roof, it missed kickout flashing? The owner tried to fix it with two pieces of wood

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The bigger picture I can find for lower middle roof problem details

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Thank you for your opinion. I can not see my topic “Back slide door frame bottom corner lifts” any more at forum post except at my email, is it deleted because of improper question ? or how to find it.


You’re Thread; Back slide door frame bottom corner lifts up is still up, Ed. Its the first post that started the thread. Click on the link.

It’s likely not the original door. Setting a door properly is a skill…the installer may have to deal with out of plumb walls, floor out of level, out of plane walls, furring in or enlarging the opening for the new door, shimming for threshold inconsistencies…and other issues…and if an inexperienced or underpaid installer does the job you might not get a perfect job. Here it looks like they had to shim the jamb up but the threshold itself wasn’t supported so it sagged…As an inspector sometimes if an item is functioning correct but they did a crappy job I will just note the poor workmanship and recommend monitoring…