Back to court again and I luv it.

Received a call yesterday about an inspection that I had performed back in April. Single lady complaining about plumbing problems she was enduring.

I checked the plumbing today after my first inspect and the Pic below is what I found. This was a kitchen sink drain tied into a Wye with vent. The vent had corroded completely into and was hanging.

The HUD 1 indicated that the plumbing company had been paid $385.00 and that all repairs were completed.

I observed today that not one plumbing repair had been accomplished. None Nata.

My client is going to take the plumbing contractor to small claims court and wanted to know if I would back her. My answer was not only YES but He** YES

You and Nick in court the same day?!

Watch out, your HVAC unit is going to break! :slight_smile:

Brothers different Mothers

That is why I offer re-inspections at half the cost of the original inspection. Quite often I find that the work was not done but there’s a receipt there that shows that it was. :shock:

Only about 29% of my Clients take me up on the offer, but at least the offer is there.

I also offer Re-inspects for less than 1/2 of the original cost less than 10% take advantage this one should have and I told her so.