Back-up Generator Installation

I wrote up three “double-taps” the other day on a home that had a whole house back-up generator. There were two 15amp and one 20amp circuit breakers that were double tapped.

My question is this: Are these double taps allowed if the second circuit is tied to the back-up generator circuit breaker panel?


Was there a transfer switch installed?

Yes, there was a transfer switch, but I am not certian if is was an automatic or manual switch.



Remember…unless the “terminal” is listed for more than a single conductor ( ie: QO or CH Brands of 30A or less ) then it is simply incorrect.

Now lets say it is a generac system with its own seperate panel and it connections via the conduit with the massive WAD of conductors…the proper method would be to splice conductors…NOT double up on breakers…

I wont go deeper than that…if you would like to know more details on generators…we can talk…but the main issue where I gather in your question is is it allowed to double tap a breaker…Not unless the terminal is listed for it…

If what I am understanding is they are really using the breaker as a junction box, if the generator comes on automatically if there is a power loss, it could be a problem. But it is not a double load, as we are used to seeing but rather a double line.

Thanks, Paul!

That answers my question.