Bad, Bad Advice From ASHI HI...

I do not have a problem with that article. In fact, he said there were other organizations out there besides ASHI. I do not understand this constant bashing of other organizations. If you are upset that AHSI is mentioned in these articles, why dont you go to that paper and reporter and ask him do do an article that includes NACHI.

My problem is not with ASHI, per se, but the advice given about getting a friend or relative to do the Inspection…


You can easily hire home inspectors or get your friend or relative to do it for you. The latter suggestion might be really helpful because your friend or relative is likely to check the house really well as they would care about your welfare. The home inspectors are not licensed in most of the states. But you can screen a home inspector to determine that he is good one or not by first checking that he is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Then ask hm questions such as what will the inspection cover, his experience in this field, his area of specialization i.e. residential or industrial, the length or the time taken for the inspection and so on.

He states later in the article that letting your friend do the inspection is absurd.

I had the distinct impression it was two people; one asking a question (hard to determine) or advising as to hiring a home inspector. The second was a response to the first. In all honesty the first “question” sounded a little disjointed and rambled, plus it sounded a little juvenile in some of the assumptions. The second part or the response I thought was hilarious. If it was only one person talking they must have a dual personality as it was a two sided conversation.

Interesting note: When I started this thread, there were only two paragraphs. The third one (using a friend is absurd) was not there. I agree Doug, it does read as if multiple people wrote different paragraphs. I wonder if when someone adds an answer, if it works similar to a Wiki, and changes the answer without noting additional users contributions. If so, it is easy to see how someone could get the wrong idea about the topic.

Thank you, William. I attend ASHI meetings every month and have never once heard NACHI even mentioned. Who’s bashing who? The NACHI bashers for some reason seem to be confined to the other forums. There’s no bad talk in the streets about NACHI.

Same experience I have had. I have friends who are ASHI and they do not have a problem with Nachi. I believe it is similar to what we see here on our board. There are those occasional visitors who do not have a life, drop in here to litter the landscape with their turds of wit and barbs. I suspect it is possibly some of the same people who “lounge” around the various boards whining and complaining. There are others but many of the cast are the same. In reality they make up such a small percentage of working HI; probably less than 1/10th of 1 percent.

Thank you, Doug.

It is confined to a very small group of board war mongers. I attend these things each month so I can learn a little more. No bad talk about anyone or anything. Like NACHI meetings, just a bunch of cool people having fun. There’s no war…

ASHI only? There are other great organizations as well. May want to do your homework. Furthermore, getting your friend or relative to help is absurd. Do you think they have enough knowledge to make a call on the HVAC System and Electrical. For cryin out loud!

If you are speaking of this response, it was little old me!

Randy, I have no idea what you just said.

It’s not my fault they mention ASHI in these articles. Of course I know there are fine inspectors everywhere. Why rant at me?

From the original question. You guys got into a discussion about the statement then the response. I am just trying to say the original statement on the Blurtit website was put forth and the response was from me. Doug had an impression there was two people. He was right in that one was me and this was the response:
ASHI only? There are other great organizations as well. May want to do your homework. Furthermore, getting your friend or relative to help is absurd. Do you think they have enough knowledge to make a call on the HVAC System and Electrical. For cryin out loud!

Hope that clears it up because I have confused myself now:)

Not at all Erol it was my post as a response from the original statement and the conversation as it went.

Are you with me my friend?:wink:

Don’t feel bad. I’ve been confused since high school. :margarit: This ASHI article just about pushed me to the brink of insanity. :shock:

Imagine how the poor, unsuspecting consumer who asked the question must feel!

Thanks for the clarification, Randy.

Yes it is, Erol. We blame you. And ONLY you. It’s all your fault.


Sorry, just had to vent. :mrgreen:

As my wise ol’ grandmother (ooopps) :shock:

I would hate ASHI but I have no reason to. :smiley: I do admit however that licensing sucks and ASHI’s involvement, legislative push or whatever is the biggest mistake they every made. I may compare home inspector wages to that of a Brown’s Chicken Manager Trainee. :sarcasm:


The reason I responded was it sounded like a couple of realtors I know. From asking to have a friend or relative inspect to only going with an ASHI inspector is really beyond absurb, it shows a total lack of understanding. It deserved a response for sure.

In my opinion it is statements like these from realtors, and a few other select types that really does our industry harm. I encourage others to reply to the link as well.