Bad, Bad Advice From ASHI HI...

The reason I responded was it sounded like a couple of realtors I know. From asking to have a friend or relative inspect to only going with an ASHI inspector is really beyond absurb, it shows a total lack of understanding. It deserved a response for sure.

In my opinion it is statements like these from realtors, and a few other select types that really does our industry harm. I encourage others to reply to the link as well.

It is listed at the top of the article by a different author, but it is signed at the end by what looks like Barry Adair.

“If you’re not willing to pay much don’t expect very much. Badair”

This sentence by badair is certainly on the money!

I just posted my “answer” to the question…

And it appears that the answers just get added on to the end of the previous answer… so mine would be the 5th answer ? (with Barry’s being the 4th) ?

Now folks we are defending our profession!:smiley: