Bad lap will lead to problems

900,000 home with some horrible quality control.
All the window trim cladding is lapped wrong on this home. What says you?


Sums it up nicely :shock:

Was this pre-made off-site and installed upside down?


No this is aluminum window trim cladding that is installed wrong.

You’d think, for $900,000, they could find a way to conceal the J-molding, too.

I love to see pictures like that. It looks like some of our out of work Florida builders have started migrating your way!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I just noticed the j-channel is also wrong.

They’ve been here during the warmer weather. Weep holes? What’s that? Oh OK, si habla we can do that. Just scrape out the mortar here and there. OK my friend??

P9290011 (Small).JPG

P9290010 (Small).JPG

I simply say “Nice catch Linas”!

What are weep holes?



Mark, looks like another job done by ACME Hackem.

This is common when a builder pays cheap peice work wages and only the inexperienced will do their work. Good call.

I know! I know! you took the picture and turned it upside down. He He and the siding is installed all wrong.:shock: How dumb can people be…really? Gotta stop using illegals for labor. :roll:

At least the clients had the good sense not to pick the cheap inspector! :wink: :smiley:


That type of flashing installation is a common occurence in one city in my area.

Here’s a nice one for your viewing…I want to know what the installers were thinking with this install…

don’t worry the water will eventually make it out.:shock: