bad to good!!

I wanted to share a recent experience from this past Saturday.

I had a morning inspection. I arrived early to perform exterior. It was raining heavily. The house was in poor condition. (POS). I was shocked from the garage electrical. (I had on gloves but still felt a shock).
Client arrives at scheduled time.
No realtor to open up, waited for 45 minutes. (this is typical for this agent to not show up, show POS properties)
So I left the property, I told client to save his $$$ on my expenses for today.

My son of 13 plays 8th grade basketball and he had a game this morning I was not going to attend. So I headed to his game.

I was feeling down about the inspection (& other life scenarios), I was getting off the freeway & a utility truck came flying by & cut me off.

I drove next to him at a red light. Normally I would be angry & start trouble. I felt subdued & just waved. The truck driver rolled down his window and said thanks for not yelling at him. I wished him a Merry Xmas, we went on are way.

I arrived to the basketball game. A parent with a son on are team was looking for a seat. I said sit by me. He goes, ““you scare me””. I get very competitive and sometimes get to loud. He sat by me anyway.

My son has a broken finger, bruised finger, twisted ankle.
First half starts and we are losing by 12 points. Towards the end of the half my son gets punched in the face, lying on ground, bloody lip, teeth. He is out, looks like the game is over.

I am kinda complaining to parent about this & that. (in control but bellyaching)

2nd half starts, son on bench with bloody lip. All of a sudden he goes in game. We are down by 15.

My son goes off, makes a 3. (he missing next 2 3 pointers), I am complaining again. Now he makes another 3, then fakes a 3, gets a 2 pointer and a free throw. He scores 15 points in 3rd quarter, we are down by 4.
4th quarter is back & forth. We end up winning by 1 point. Team is 4-0.
I am like beaming as my son played a great 2nd half (he got mad at the kid that punched him and took it to them)

I could not be prouder of my son, I would of missed his game if the inspection went as scheduled.

Just some background on basket ball.
Tyler age 13, 8th grade plays CYO basketball for are church.

Last year on the AA team he was the 8th man on a 8 man team only played about 10-15 minutes a game. He would sit on bench with his head down, upset he made 1 mistake, would not play much.

This year same boys return + 2 very talented boys, one was playing as his Dad was diagnosed with a fatal disease. (he will die soon)

I wanted my son to play on the A team because of the coaches situation. (I have known him for about 5 years)

So my son was placed on the B team as his choice. He wanted to play. (he does!!) The B team has 3 boys out of 7 that have no skill (3 points total for 4 games)

There team had no coach to start but now has one. (you need special training in CYO) He actually is not finished with his training. (really not allowed to coach) The other 4 coaches have boys on the AA team, they are supposed to coach my sons team.

My wife runs the CYO coaching program by the way.

So I could not be prouder of my son whom made my day by his efforts & actions.

Thanks for listening, have a Happy Holiday!!

glad it kind of turned around…

Last night my daughter (15 year old soccer player) got hit in the face, broke her glasses in half. She was upset, I went over there with some electrical tape from the truck and got them to stay, she scored to put her team up 2-1 with crooked, broken glasses…we joked maybe we will just keep them that way. She typically plays defense and doesn’t score a whole lot.

That is great (about scoring), did her team end up winning??
Good job fixing the glasses.

no they lost but it was exciting, they lost 3-2. Coach may put her up front a bit more now, they play tough defense, but have trouble scoring…