Bad to worse but then I realized

Saturday started out foul. Even tho I live on the crest of a hill the rain had filled every pour of the earth around my house. Not a breeze all day and the yard stunk like my septic had gone bad. I was afraid to take a shower for fear that the water wouldn’t flow into the septic field. Methane Gas was thick in the air and the swale around the house had more water then I have ever seen in ten years at this location. My mind ran with all kinds of worse case scenarios with the septic.
Then the much anticipated mail came with the NACHI package. After spending 10 full hours on NACHI looking for the coveted “now that you have had a home inspection” books and having very very little luck winning anything I was overjoyed at the end to have finally gotten in to win the case of books. But no books! No t-shirt! WTH I thought. I know I won those books. I went back on line and looked NOPE I was 26th! Now i was really in a foul mood AND the place smelled like hell. Nothing I could do could get me out of this funk for hours. I was plain mad. I was worried. I had big plans for those books. Oh well thats what I get for having an old computer.
Then about 1:00 in the AM my son calls. He says he was in a fight and a friend was driving him home and staying the night. When they got here it was immediately obvious his hand was broken very badly. My daughter is a LNP and got to work setting his hand as the boys told the story.
The boys were hanging out off campus at a friends house when all of a sudden a beer bottle comes flying thru the window and the shards of glass cut two girls. They run out the front door to see 4 guys at the edge of the yard and say WTF you doing? These four guys charge at them and the fight is on. Three guys go after Chaz, he is smaller but a varsity wrestler and the huge guy goes after my son. another boy named Chris is trying to pull guys of chaz but they had already knocked Chaz out cold and as Chris pulled one of the guys kicked Chaz in the face Breaking his jaw. My son is in the fight of his life and just kept blasting the opponent in the face with everything he has. My son is 6’2" and 195 the opponant is discribed by everyone I talked to as 6’6 and 275. The girls are screaming and taking pictures and saying the cops are on the way. The assailants run away. Two boys put Chaz in a car and run him to the hospital. One of my sons buddies is on a full scholarship to Northwestern for football and my son felt that he better get him out of there so he doesnt end up in trouble with the school. I asked where the hell was he during all this fighting and he said " he is a mad man on the field but a ***** off the field" As they drove away they saw 20 guys rushing down the street towards the house. They drive back around the block to the house and get there just as the cops do. The 20 guys ran into that house and smashed every single thing in that house. Everything. The few boys and girls that where in the house got beat as they ran away. The cops only had two cars and could only grab 4 assailants, the rest ran away. Total crazyness.
As my daughter wrapped my sons hand she decided it should be immoblized and told him to take off his jacket and shirt. Thats when we realized, all at once as a family, that he had been stabbed. He thought the blood was from his opponant and the adreniline had yet to go down so he didnt really feel it…yet. 4 cuts thru his coat and shirt. 3 poke holes in his left ribs and 1 slice on his right side.
I talked to the cops at around 2 oclock AM. They had the 4 guys and were charging them with multiple felonies. The cops didnt know he was stabbed. Now they added assault with a deadly weapon. I asked the cops…please tell me what you know so I could check this against what I have been told. My son is a overly honest kid but it seemed so bizarre that I needed more info so I could process all this. What my son said really did happen the way he said it according to all the eyewitnesses.
Chaz is out of the hospital and his parents have taken him home to their new home in kentucky. My son will have reconstructive surgery on his hand the day after Christmas.
So yes that day really sucked in a huge way…but I realize it could have been so so so much worse.
Peace and Merry Christmas to you all.

And tomorrow you will be thankful to wake up and face another day. Hell of a story, prayers to you and yours. Merry Christmas.

Try using paragraphs…

Wow Ed, incredible story, glad you all are O.K.:shock:

Wow, Ed…quite a story…sorry for your pain. The best to you and yours.

Merry Christmas!