Does anyone know why baffles would be installed like this? They installed in front of the wall where the deck attaches to the house. I found wood rot on the rim joist attaches.

if you are talking about the insulation between the floor joist tails that is real common here with the cold winters we have, it only appears to be in the one area in your picture so my guess is it would be an attempt to cover up the wood rot you found at the deck Ledger…

I see what looks like three blocks which have been sealed on three sides with some kind of blue sealant. On the flat side facing the camera they’re dark colored with some round thing on them. They’ve got patterns like a car dashboard.

What are those things?

The cavities between the band board and joist should be covered it is standard practice…it simply looks like they ran out of insulation.
As to the moisture at the bandboard and joist…where are your pictures, you should be showing up close up pictures of those areas that you say are rotted as well as showing the outside of those areas of concerns and what is above those areas in the house…you need to post those areas…you did take pictures of those areas didn’t you?

Also, what was the moisture content?


Those circles appear to be the print on the material.

I agree, what the hell are those dividers doing there?

Also, I tell all my clients to remove the plastic vapor barrier on basement walls. I hate plastic in basements, period.
50% of the time, I will find Mold building up inside this plastic.

We use the temporary fence type netting on the batt insulation down here. Of course it’s in the attic. What is a basement btw?